7 things that can crush your marriage

The rate at which marriages crumble these days has become a major point of concern.


Unlike in the past, when couples struggle to make their marriages work, the present day generation seem to want to run out the slightest chance they get.

That brings up the questions, “Are people getting married to ward off societal pressure? Or do they lack the knowledge to interpret the deep words of their vows?”

As crazy as the world is, there are still some people who are willing to invest and make their marriages work. Below are things that could crumble one’s marriage.

Insatiable Greed For Wealth


Money they say, answereth all things. However, the quest for wealth could make couples lose focus and throw them off course. The love of money and the zeal to acquire it at all cost could rub off on a party. It has been discovered that with the acquisition of wealth, couples tend to be pulled apart as money is seen as a vice that could make other things happen. Also, if material gain was considered before venturing into the marriage, a decline in wealth or financial instability may cause the marriage to crumble.

Hurtful Words

Some words bring comfort to the soul while some reduces one’s self esteem. Words spoken with anger and resentment put out the flame of love. Failure to appreciate one’s partner weakens the bond. Verbal abuse often leads to physical abuse. The frustration that comes along with being talked down coupled with other problems may cause the marriage to fail.


Most people get married now with the preconceived thought that once it fails they are setting out. They seem to have heard or seen so many faults from other people’s marriages that they get into theirs with a made up mind to file for divorce once things get ugly. They aren’t ready to endure or try out other possibilities. This attitude or mindset doesn’t work; the fighting spirit has been killed before the start of the battle. Marriage should be approached with positivity.


Lack Of Communication

Most couples get caught up in their daily affairs and work details that they miss out on important things that involve their partners.  The inability to talk things through is one of the leading causes of divorce. It is important for couples to express themselves, some issues aren’t worth fighting over but lack of communication tends to blow them out of proportion.

Lack Of Commitment

Many marriages fail and crumble because the people involved don’t keep the affair burning with the same fire of passion they started with. Most people neglect their partners and feel there’s no need to impress them anymore. They start to see them as fixed assets and focus their attention on achieving other goals.

Sex And Its Abuse


Sex is very important in marriage. Apart from the purpose of procreation, it is a pleasurable act that binds the couples. It is an important tool in mending bonds after a long term or short term disconnection. However, when one of the two people involved loses interest and start to give excuses, the deprived partner may be forced to find it elsewhere. Cheating makes things worse and the union dissolved at the long run.

Apportioning Blame

For relationships to go smoothly, it is important to let go of ego for peace to reign. The people involved should know their places and be ready to take responsibility for their actions instead of passing blames. Many marriages have failed because people don’t know how to let go, apologize and move on.



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