This is what guys want on their honeymoons

Honeymoon must-do's for your first week of marriage.

Half of the bed


This sex position is ideal for hitting her G-spot. The only challenge is that it requires a lot a stamina to make her happy.

How does it work? You simply lie on your bed, with your legs on the floor. He stands up and enters you, while you hook your legs around his legs or if you can manage it, round his waist. He then does all the work, thrusting into you.

The Organ Grinder

Most women also crave for deep penetration during sex. Organ grinder will help a couple to orgasm simultaneously.

How does it work? You lie on the bed with your legs apart and raise them up in the air. Your man kneels in front of you and leans forward in between your legs. He then thrusts back and forth and you keep your legs up in front of his arms.

Carpet burn

Newlyweds in the late 20s should try this positions. This is great for spontaneous sex because all you need is the floor, so try it if you get in the mood - or bored, of course - when you're watching TV.

How does it work? The man kneels down and then brings one leg up in front of him and places it flat on the floor in front of him. Then you kneel in front of him and onto him, grabbing his thigh in one hand and his bum in the other. You can then both thrust into each other like there's no tomorrow.


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