Here are all the reasons why dating your colleague is a bad idea

If you meet your better half at your new office, take things slow, know each other and learn to separate your work from your romantic relationship.

Unfortunately, couples who end their office romance are always faced with these situations.

  • It will affect your performance

Believe me; office romance affects your performance during and after the relationship if it gets to that point. Every new couple always wants to spend more time together getting to know themselves. They will stop working part-time and go on dates which will cause a dip in their performance.

If things that work out as planned, you will always be sad and heartbroken when you see your ex-partner having fun with others. The only option left is for you to ask for a transfer and find another job because you can’t suppress your pain.

  • The rumors and gossips will be too hard to handle

No matter how to tried to keep the relationship with other colleagues; office romance never stays between two people.

Close friends will start joining dots and as soon as the word gets out there, people will read meanings into everything you do. And, it eventually gets worse after the break-up.

  • The workplace may get divided into teams after you break up

Colleagues who support your relationship will be divided. Based on the version of the breakup story they heard, they will show their support for one person and have ill feeling towards the other.

Friends of the couple will have to think twice before communicating with one of the couple and the vice versa. This will make the office environment very hostile.

  • If it doesn’t work out, you will have to see your ex and work with him or her everyday

Living a happy office life after your breakup won't be easy at all. Even if you ended the relationship, you will meet your ex-partner every day, go to meeting together and watch them flirt with other workers. It will be very awkward and uncomfortable.


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