10 attractive personality traits every lady should have

The ability to laugh, both with a man, and at yourself, will make you instantly more attractive to a guy.

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They want to know that they wanted, so the ability to demonstrate affection is a very attractive trait in a lady.

2. Supportive

If you can support and encourage a man in his endeavours, then that too is a very attractive trait in a lady. Whether it’s his career goals, or personal ambitions, being there at his side to help him make his dreams come true shows him that you have faith that he can succeed in his endeavours, and that will spur him on to try even harder.

3. Ambition

While a guy will love it that you support him, he wants a lady that has ambitions of her own too. Men respect a woman who has her own dreams and aspirations and they can relate to that driving ambition to succeed. A good man will also want to support you and encourage you and he will love sharing in the celebrations when you get what you have been striving for.

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4. Elegance

Guys also like their ladies, to be ladies, so acting like one of the lads will not get you very far in the eyes of many men. You don’t need to be a saint to impress a man, but they do like to be able to be the gentleman sometimes and they find a woman who has style and elegance very attractive indeed.

5. Intelligence

Girls who can demonstrate that they can hold an intelligent conversation will be attractive to a lot of men too.

It doesn’t mean you need a Harvard degree to catch a good man, but knowing something about the world around you and being able to express your opinion is always a good trait to have.

Men also like to be able to use their lady as a sounding board for their own ideas, and they like it when you can have an input into what they are doing.

6. Confidence

Men like to know that their lady can hold her own as well. They like a woman who has self-confidence and independence and who doesn’t need constant attention, or need everything done for her. Sure, guys like to play the hero sometimes and be protective, but they also like a woman who can stand on her own two feet and who doesn’t seem to be too needy.

7. Gentle and kind

While men love confident and ambitious ladies, they still want to see your feminine side sometimes too. The caring, gentle side of a woman is very endearing to a man; it shows that you have the ability to care for him, and maybe, sometime in the future, you will care for his children too.

8. A good sense of humour

The ability to laugh, both with a man, and at yourself, will make you instantly more attractive to a guy. You shouldn’t be too sensitive about his jokes either, because sometimes men can crack jokes that are a bit over the top. What a guy really wants from a lady is to be able to sit back, relax, to be himself, and just have some fun.

9. Loyalty

Don’t go dissing your friends behind their back to your man, because loyalty is a virtue that he will value highly. If you can show that you are loyal to your friends and your family, he will know that you will be loyal to him too. We all know how important loyalty is in a relationship, but, arguably, men respect loyalty even more than women do.

10. Understanding and patience

It’s also important to a man that a woman is patient and understanding. Men hate the thought that they might be being pushed into something that they don’t want to do, or being forced to make a decision that are yet ready to make. If you nit-pick at every little thing he does, or you nag him constantly, it is likely that you will lose him pretty fast.

If you are a lady who can live with a guy’s imperfections and are prepared to wait for him to make his own decisions and commitments, in his own time, you will find that your gentlemen will be around for a lot longer and he will love you even more.

Source: beautyandtips.com


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