10 reasons that will make a woman sponsor the wedding

This may sound unbelievable but some women are denied their rightful positions and other benefits just because of their marital status.

Show off

Forget about love. Just the title of Mrs is an accomplishment for her. She thrives on attention and will do anything to make her social media pages buzz with comments when she shares photos of her 'I do'.


Some women are very desperate to marry and would do anything to have a ring on her finger whether she pays for it or her Mr Right does. The proposal scenes and photos from the wedding is all she needs. A woman who is finding it difficult to find a suitor, soul mate will take the least opportunity to sponsor her own wedding.


Age is just a number but sometimes, probably not. Some people decide to marry once it's legal to do so. Others also wait till they have a successful career probably in their late fifties. In both instances, such women can be the financier of her own wedding ceremony just because of the timing.


Love conquers all. Love makes people break rules and do the extraordinary. These days, it’s very common for millennials to team up and plan their own weddings. They make the budget and split equally especially when they have white collar jobs. Why not? If the woman is madly in love and ready to marry but the man isn’t financially stable, she can take charge of things.

Financial stability

Some people are born with silver spoons in their mouths. Other's just did have a chewing stick at birth. It’s no big deal if a wealthy or rich woman sponsors her own wedding. Love, right?

Boss him around

It’s very difficult for some women to leave their ‘huge’ title at the office and be a submissive wife when they come home. Literally, the world revolves around them and their orders should be followed strictly. One out of thousand men will succumb to this. Such women don’t have a stable relationship and once they find someone to ‘serve’ them, they marry him. She simply can’t stay alone.

Societal stigma

This may sound unbelievable but some women are denied their rightful positions and other benefits just because of their marital status. There is a stereotype that women who are single can’t maintain a home or take proper care of themselves yet they don’t deserve or have to right to take up leadership positions. Why not marry a man if you can?

Peer pressure

There’s fire on the mountain. You will definitely be under huge pressure and unhappy if you are the only bachelor left in your circle of friends.

In this era where people are showing off their partners on social media, how can you survive? People just settle and marry even if the guy is not financially stable just to keep the pressure off.

Pressure from family

Family traditions must be respected and followed accordingly. But sometimes these rules go overboard.

Pressure from family to marry can be unbearable. So if the money is there, why not be the sponsor?

She is pregnant

Sex before marriage has become the new norm. Some couples just can’t wait till their honeymoon before they have sex. Having sex before marriage may result in an unplanned pregnancy which may call for desperate measures.

Exchanging marital vows is the only way out to avoid society judging. If the man is not ready, the woman sponsors the event to prevent having a child out of wedlock.

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