6 reasons why some couples don’t live together

A couple may choose to live in two different cities or areas to build their careers.

Job security

Searching for a new job is a hard nut to crack. You don’t want to join the unemployed graduates association. You need to support your family financially whether you are single and married. A couple may choose to live in two different cities or areas to build their careers. After all, till death do them apart right? More years ahead to make love.


Due to busy schedules, some women move to live with their parents to assist with their children nurturing. In a way not to seem like they're 'dumping' their children on family, the woman sometimes chooses to stay with the kids leaving the husband in their matrimonial home.

Financial constraints

Some couple can’t afford to rent a house. They live with their parents and meet during the weekend to spend quality time together, have steamy sex, plan for their future and laugh over things that happened during the week.

Marital issues

Petty quarrel and arguments are inevitable in every relationship. Sometimes a short break or separation rekindle the love. Sleeping on the same bed, bathing together, having breakfast, lunch and supper together could turn boring due to repetition.

Some couples also separate amicably for a short period just to have a feel of how they can’t do without each other.


Education is key. Have you thought of taking some courses to make your resume rich? Some couples relocate to different regions or countries to further their education for their personal achievement, promotions at work and other favors. This initiative takes them from the comfort of their home to a new place.


Ever wondered why some people have a password on their phones? Everyone needs privacy, even a married couple. Trust and love are the foundations of every relationship but there are some things have to be kept secret.

Some women voluntarily strip naked during sex but feel a little insecure when their partners see their nakedness. Nobody wants to be under constant surveillance.

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