If you partner spends fewer hours searching for a job and more hours watching movies and football, then you must fix the issue or become the breadwinner till he hits a jackpot.

Instead of getting mad, you must continue to bite your tongue, not saying anything, because you don’t want to nag your spouse for being unemployed or being lazy.

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  • Communicate your frustrations but don’t nag

Look for the right time and place to communicate with your partner to find a job. Don’t criticise him too much, let him feel that you care about him and you just want him to support the family. Most people respond better to positive affirmation than negativity.

  • Find something to praise

Always praise your partner for the good things he does for the family even if it doesn’t bring money to pay bills. Compliment him each and every time he helps with house chores or does something positive to support the family.

Encourage that behavior. Your encouragement could help your spouse create some more productive habits.

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  • Offer to do the work together

If your spouse is lazy when it comes to keeping the home tidy, find projects that you can do together which will also give you a chance to communicate and spend quality time together. The shared experience could create some healthier habits for you both.