5 things happy couples should do together once every week

Keep the love alive everyday.

Every happy relationship is just made up of a series of little things. Here are some things you can do today to reinforce your connection.

  • Go to bed at the same time

Happy couples share their day right up to and including bedtime. If one wants to wait up to watch the end of a movie, then the other waits with them. Going to bed at different times is only a small step away from going to bed in separate beds.

  • Have a date night

Some couple thinks that date night is for bachelors who are dating and preparing to get married. In fact, going out on dates after marriage is very important if you want to keep things going in your relationship.

Couples who spend time together have a quality relationship and lower divorce rates than those who are always caught up in their work.

  • Cook favorite meals together

As the sayings go, couples who cook together stay together. Trust, love, constant communication, quality of sex and money are the few things that determine the success of every relationship.

But did you know that how you cook  that's right, cook  could keep you together or tear you apart? Make time for your spouse and spend more time together dining at home.

  • Surprise each other with gifts

It’s true. The little things you do for someone can have a great impact on your relationship. Keep the love alive and let your spouse feel special every day with your gifts and cute messages.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive gift but some very thoughtful.

  • Exercise together

Couples are busily chasing money that they forget to keep in shape. Early Saturday morning, you can jog together and tidy up your home together. Share house chores, finish in time and get busy in bed.


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