5 ways some Ghanaian men are destroying their marriage

Don't forget your marital vows, it takes two committed people to make a marriage work.

The divorce rate is up each and every year but we can’t pinpoint the cause because lots of factors are involved.

However, there are some things that can be easily avoided and fixed to save the marriage.

  • Ignoring the importance of simple gestures

Some women are always content with simple gestures. They are always pleased because you thought about them and went the extra mile to get something special for them. If you forget to buy her a gift for her birthday or anniversary, it clearly shows you don’t care about her and the relationship.

If you can’t find one day in a year to celebrate her then, what is the point of being together? Make every moment spent with her count, appreciate her for who she is and what she does for you every day.

  • Always trying to fix her

Before you got married, you knew perfectly what you were going into for. It’s very reasonable if you want to change her lifestyle for medical reasons like pregnancy but for her to change her personality is totally unacceptable.

You married your partner for who they are and that includes all of their flaws. Pressuring her to be a completely new person only creates a war between you.

  • Financially Burdening Them

Sharing responsibility such as finances, house chores, taking care of children in marriage promotes a healthy relationship. Ideally, men are supposed to work hard to financially support his family but these days, some women are also hustling to support their husbands.

Leaving your partner to care for all of the finances alone can put a heavy weight on your relationship and drag it down.

  • Lack of communication

Most marriages go through tough times because of lack of communication. The way couples discuss their issues can affect their marriage. Some men just fail to listen to their wives and also lay out their feelings, opinions, and thoughts on the table.

  • Leaving her alone

The simplest way to ruin your marriage is to leave your wife alone. Some men spend long hours at work and sometimes pass by the pub before getting home.

The woman and children will be fast asleep when he gets home and they might not even see him the next morning before he leaves for work. When the woman begins to nag, some men still fail to listen and find ways to resolve the issue.


Every woman wants to spend time with the man she loves and have healthy conversations with them. When you stop spending time together, the emotional distance between you two grows quickly.


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