How to plan the perfect birthday for your wife

Focus on creating special moments all through the day, and she’ll feel pampered and loved.

  • Breakfast in bed

Prepare her favorite omelet and porridge and serve her in bed. Wake her up with a romantic kiss and sing for her while she enjoys her breakfast. Don’t forget to clean the kitchen before you leave home for work

  • Get her new apparel for work

Before she comes out of the shower, bring out the new dress you bought for her special day. If you’re financially sound, get her two or more dresses, new lingerie and a handbag for work.

Give her the opportunity to choose the type of outfit she wants to wear on her birthday. You can opt for a form-fitting straight dress, skirt and blouse, fashionable trousers and top.

  • Surprise her at work

Communicate with her closest friend in the office to decorate her desk with her favorite bouquet of flowers and a handmade birthday card from you.

As they always say, it is not about the gift you are presenting but the thought and efforts involved to put smiles on their face. Don’t forget to slip a bar of chocolate in her handbag.

  • Organise a party for her in the office

Thinking outside the box always works wonders. Get approval from her supervisor and human resource manager before you get your plans underway.

First, order a cake and contact a chef to prepare their special recipe for her and her colleagues at work. Make sure the food is at her doorsteps some few minutes to lunchtime.

  • Drive her home

Birthdays are meant to be shared with people we love. Close early from work and drive her home. On your way, you can pass by the nearest salon to give her a new makeover.

Pedicure, manicure and a new hairstyle to while away time while her the private chef prepares something sumptuous for dinner.

  • Serenade her

Who is her favorite musician? If you can’t afford to pay for their services, contact a professional band to play her melodies tunes from those musicians when she gets home. They should perform until she unwraps all her parcels and tired of taking selfies.

  • The big night

What better way to crown the night by spending it outside your home. Same room, the same bed makes the lovemaking boring. Change is necessary especially on a special night as such.

Have those orgasms in a hotel or guest house near your home so that you are can rush home the next morning.


  • The morning after

Your gentility shouldn’t last for just a day. Make her feel loved for at last 24 hours. This is not to say you are not caring but let’s be real, some couple is always busy with work and other side gigs that they hardly spend more time together. Make every birthday spent with memorable.

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