Just when we took of our minds off our kente fabric, these brides gave life to the kente on their wedding days and we totally are in awe.

These photos are full of life and totally adorable. One of the most common questions a bride asks is what she should do with the wedding dress after she's said: "I do"?

It’s a tricky one to answer considering that it’s probably the most expensive dress she’s ever bought, yet only worn once. Those who can’t bear to part with it prefer to preserve it for sentimental value or to pass on to their daughters.

1. Thousand and one reasons to smile

What makes her Kente stand out is the beautiful crytsal stones in it.

2. Get Stylish

She looks totally ethereal in this one hand style. Its couldn't have been any better


This bride chose to do it the very indigenous way and we love it to the max. Dressed like the queen she is.

4. Less is more

5. Elegant

The kente choice complimented her color in a very beautiful way.

6.Kente wrap

Yes and this is what am talking about. No stress but totally elegant.

7. Beaded Kente

This is my favourite look. I love how beautifully patterned this dress is with the stones.

8. Beautiful

She looks just lovely and stylish too.


Let's embrace our roots.

10. Glow in the dark

Her lovely skin tone is awesome plus she matched it with the perfect kente colors that made her glow.