9 things every Ghanaian girl deserves in a relationship

Here are 9 signs of a good relationship.

  • Someone who makes you laugh

Your boyfriend should have a great sense of humor; make you laugh out loud and smile even when you are facing challenges. He must share jokes and make you happy all the time.

  • Someone to go on adventures with

Solo travel is fun but it can never be exciting and adventurous as traveling with your partner. He should organize weekend getaway and take you across the world festive seasons. You can plan and take your leave during the same period and explore the riches of the country together.

  • Someone who is always excited to see you

After a few years of being with each other, he should be excited you every day. Even when he is in a bad mood, the mere thought of seeing you later in the day should make him feel happy.

  • Someone who challenges you

In a healthy relationship, both partners look up to each other and admire each other. Instead of bringing each other down, you deserve to feel challenged by each other and to open each other’s minds to new ideas and concepts.

  • Little gestures

Every caring partner should know the key to his girlfriend’s heart. Give her sweet memories every day with your heartwarming words, gifts and show appreciation for the things she does for you.

These little gestures show your partner that you think about them all the time and that you know and love them for who they are.

  • Mutual trust

Your partner shouldn’t have any doubt or worry that you will cheat on them. You love each other and support each other, and trust is an essential part of that.

  •  Respect

Both partners must admire and respect each other to avoid petty arguements.

  • Intimacy

Your partner should be able to satisfy you in bed and help explore your sexual fantasies.

  •  A best friend

Some relationships survive the test of time because they are more than lovers; they should be your best friend, strengthening your bond and loving you unconditionally.


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