• You do you wear makeup every day?

Women spend almost all their monthly savings on makeup just to look beautiful for you. You can choose to compliment her or just ignore her makeover.

  • How much did that your dressing bag cost?

Every woman must own at least three quality bags to pair with her apparels for special occasions. If you can buy quality things for her, don’t complain. After all, it is her money and she deserves nice things.

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  • I don’t like this hairstyle

After spending hours at the hours, the least you can do is take her out on a date or buy her a bowl of chocolate. Find a nice way to communicate to her or take her to the saloon a week or week after and pay for them to fix new hairstyle for her.

  • You smell good today

What does that even mean? If she has body odor, why did it take you this long to tell her?

  • ‘You wouldn’t understand’

She wouldn’t understand because she is a woman? This is unacceptable. Just try her.

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  • Please stop disturbing with your voice

Practice makes a man practice. She is not a good vocalist that is why she is practicing. Just walk out and enjoy your melodious voice.

  • Ama is looking really elegant these days

It is really bad to complement other women in her presence.

  • Do as you please

What is the essence of being in a relationship when your significant other does support or motivate you?

  • You talk too much

Everybody knows women are talkative. They talk about everything and nothing. You don’t have to tell her.

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  • Don’t ever pick food from my plate

Are we in a colonial era? Relationships are meant to fun and adventurous. Where from all these boarding school rules?

  • You used to look good

Yes, until you started borrowing money from her. Just kidding. In fact, you should be happy that she is saving more and spending less.

  • Who are you on the phone with?

Stop nagging. A relationship is a cage or prison where you are forced to talk to your inmates. She can hang out or talk to anyone so far as she is not cheating on you.