3 sex positions perfect for making babies

Here are the best sex positions to spice up your sex life and conceive a baby.

  • Missionary

Popular position, missionary is what you should be enjoying with your husband if you want to have a baby.  It is best for couples because they will romantically stare at each other.

Missionary is every couple’s go-to position because when the woman is lying down on her back, her reproductive part is tilted towards the cervix, giving a helping hand to those sperm trying to make their way to her egg.

  • The Rock n' Roller

Rock and roller is an advanced variation on the missionary position where the woman lies on her back with the man in front.

The woman lies back and stretches her legs up as if she's about to do a backward roll.

The man then kneels over her. And here's the best bit for baby making - he helps to keep her in this elevated, tilted position using his knees, while he penetrates, perfect!

  • The Magic Mountain

Most women like the the Magic Mountain behind of the deep penetration and comfortability. Couple have to build of mountain of pillows to achieve the magic feel.

For this position, the woman bends over the cushions, while the man kneels behind her, with his legs on the outside of hers.

For extra baby-making ability, it might be an idea to have less cushions so you're bent over further, that way your cervix will be tilted in the right direction!


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