40 reasons to break up with your girlfriend

Simple reasons to end your relationship.

If you need to give your soon-to-be-ex a reason for your departure, here are some suggestions.

  • When she cheats on you.
  • When she is materialistic.
  • When she pressures you to marry her.
  • When she wants to move in with you just a few days after your first day.
  • When she is a social media addict. Always liking, commenting and sharing a post from friend’s page to hers.
  • When she can’t cook simple recipes like boiled rice and eggs stew. Always want to order food.
  • When her friends live a bad lifestyle.
  • When she is spontaneous.
  • When she doesn’t observe personal hygiene.
  • When she doesn’t look presentable during public events.
  • When she doesn’t have a steady career or not ready to look for a job.
  • When she doesn’t speak good English and she is ready to learn.
  • When she treats all men equal.
  • When she is overly jealous even when you hang out with your family member.
  • When she shows the bad altitude towards your family members.
  • When the love diminishes.
  • When your family doesn’t support the relationship.
  • When you don’t see any future with her.
  • When you give your life to Christ.
  • When she likes hanging out at night with male friends.
  • When she is an alcoholic.
  • When gives you blue balls every time you try to get intimate with her.
  • When she starts bleaching her skin.
  • When she always chats with her ex-boyfriend.
  • When she compares you to her ex.
  • When she disrespects your mom.
  • When she doesn’t act dumb.
  • When she starts behaving like your mother.
  • When she doesn’t spend time with you.
  • When she is snobbish.
  • When she is unsecured.
  • When she is dormant in bed.
  • When she wants too much sex.
  • When she is indecisive.
  • When she is a pathological liar.
  • When she is a petty thief.
  • When she introduces you as a friend in public.
  • When she stalks you on social media.
  • When she flirts with every man she meets.
  • When she dresses indecently.


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