5 reasons why she rejected your marriage proposal

Wipe your tears, be thankful if she rejected your proposal. Here are five probable reasons why she rejected your proposal and how to deal with it.

Showering her with gifts and taking her to expensive restaurants every weekend doesn’t mean she should accept your proposal.

Marriage is a lifetime decision and life to too short to make rash decisions.  Or do you prefer to be jilted at the altar after spending all your life saving organize her dream wedding?

1. You are not her Mr. Right

Every woman has her own definition of Mr. Right. She has a list of things or traits she wants you to possess. If after dating for some months and you still haven’t convinced her that you were created purposely for her, she will definitely reject your proposal.

2. Her family doesn’t support the union

Family is everything. If her family doesn’t support her relationship with you, she will definitely reject your proposal. If you’re madly in love with her, try whatever means possible to win the affection and love of her family. Then you can ask for her hand in marriage.

3. She wants a successful career before marriage

Don’t forget, just as you have a list of things to accomplish before you get married, she also has a long bucket list.

You probably want to to be conferred a second degree, buy a car and rent a beautiful apartment to feel proud about your achievement before you think of marriage.

Your girlfriend also wants to a successful career woman, leader and role model for the youth before she walks down the aisle. Before you scout for the perfect diamond ring, make sure the time is right and she is ready.

4. You don’t share similar interest

Babies are a sign of blessings. She might want to have babies within the first three years of the marriage and start actively white collar job.

Some men want to spend more years with their partners after marriage without any interference. Others also want to wait on baby making because they don’t see their wives as sexy after maternity.

If you want her as your life partner, just compromise when the need arises.

5. She never wants to get married

Some women believe marriage is not the ultimate achievement in life. They want to enjoy all the benefits of relationship to the extent of staying together with their partners without a ring on their finger.

If a woman wants to get married at some point in her life, she will constantly ask questions about planning your future together.

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