Her scalp

A woman’s scalp holds more than just a head full of hair. Loaded with nerve endings massaging her head releases hormones that bring a sense of calm while enhancing sexual pleasure.

What to do:

Run your fingers through her scalp using your fingertips and nails. Use upward and circular strokes to massage the base of her head and neck as well behind her ears. Work your way all around her scalp, her forehead, and the base of her neck for a soothing sensual effect.

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Her ears

Turns out her ears need more than just sweet or dirty talk. Caressing, stroking, biting and licking are all welcome sensory stimulating experiences for her ears that will trigger of sexual energy throughout her body.

What to do:

Since the ears are very sensitive it makes sense to gently caress them with your fingers and use your tongue to lips as a stimulus.

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Her neck

The neck responds to the slightest of touches; whether that be in the form of a kiss, lick, bite or nibble. This is one area that you can’t afford to do injustice to.

What to do:

Use your tongue and teeth to nibble up and down the length of her neck muscles. Finding the ideal pressure and balance of how much to bite and release will have her fall deadweight into your arms.

Her mouth

Kissing involves more than just the preordained act of sticking your tongue down someone’s throat. A deep, intimate and passionate kiss can release enough oxytocin (the feel-good hormone that put in the mood) to bring her to an orgasm by itself.

What to do:

Women are not typically sloppy kissers; meaning they don’t like a heavy exchange of saliva that smears all over their mouth, which is how some men prefer it. They prefer a kiss with firm, but a soft set of lips, which allows them leeway to kiss you back they want to.

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Her inner thighs

The inner thighs, along with the back of her knees and crevices of her arms, are one of the sensitive parts of her body due to the sheer number of nerve endings in this area.

What to do:

Use gentle strokes, light licking and nipping across her thighs while breathing into the spots where your mouth just ventured. Lightly massage that area when you are performing oral sex on her to increase her blood flow to her vagina; enhancing her levels of stimulation.