5 signs you are ready for a serious relationship

Before delving into a serious relationship with someone, you have to have a serious relationship with yourself.

  • Financially stable

Don’t enter a new relationship with the idea of depending on someone. After some months, the person will get further up and break up with you.

  • Emotionally available

Accepting someone new in your life especially after a bad experience with your ex is not easy. You must move on and be emotionally ready to start a new chapter with someone.

Being in a relationship has its positive and negative impacts on your life and one must be ready to handle it.

  •  Over your ex

Ending a relationship because your partner is not reciprocating your love can take a toll on your life. Let go and invite new people into your life.


Live a positive life, be happy, find a hobby, focus on your work and the right person will come your way. There is no point dwelling on the past if your goal is to progress in your future.

  • No need to confirm

Love always find a way to connect two people. Don’t be pressured by family traditions, society rules to do certain things that are detrimental to your happiness. Live a careful life and do what is right and be ready for a serious relationship.

  • Happy inside

If you are happy inside, it will shine through. Once you are happy and satisfied with life and all that you have achieved, you will send out positive vibes and attract like-minded souls.

It is only a matter of time before you meet your special someone who will be on the same page as you, setting the stage for a serious relationship.


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