5 simple ways to break up and remain friends

Here's how to make your breakup less painful.

Here are 5 ways to make breakup less painful

  • Do it in person

If you want to end your relationship with your partner, have the courage to do it to her face. If you live in separate regions (Ghana) or countries, communicate and visit him or her during the weekend.


There is nothing more cowardly than breaking up with someone via text, social media, or even on the phone. If you don’t want to be with her, man up and tell it to her face.

  • Don’t cheat on her

Always end your relationship with one person before you jump into another. Cheating comes in many forms. Don’t think because you aren’t sleeping with the new woman doesn’t mean you are being faithful to the old girlfriend.

Don’t play with the heart of two women and think you won’t catch their wrath. If you even think that you want to be with someone else, break it off before, rather than after, or it just isn’t fair.

  • Don’t lie

When the love dies, be honest and tell your partner how you feel and the possible way forward. Don’t soften the blow by lying.

Honesty is the best policy when in a relationship and when finding your way out of one. Tell her all the reasons why you are breaking up with her and move to the friend's zone.

  • Don’t do it in the heat of battle

If you want to remain good friends after the breakup, find the right time and mood to confront her. Petty quarrels are inevitable, don’t break up in the midst of a heated argument. Make amends, take her to dinner and do it the real way. Good decisions are never born out of anger.

  • Let her know you still care for her

No matter how hard you push, some things just aren't meant to happen. However, you can still be good best friends and help each other when the need arises.

That’s why most people marry their friends because friends always find a way to make amends. Let her know that you still care about her and her family and you will always be available to support her.


It might mean the world to her to know that although she lost a boyfriend in you, she didn’t lose the friend you were too.


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