5 things to consider before giving your ex a second chance

You must make it very clear what you expect from your ex and he should be willing to deliver before you accept his proposal.

  • You still want very different things

In order to fully support each other, both of you need to understand each other’s goals and dreams and help each other achieve them. If your ex isn’t supportive of your life goals, whether they be a career, family or personal, you should not give your ex another chance.

  • Your friends might abandon you

Close friends visit you frequently at home and invite to place to have fun and give up a good reason to be happy.

They listened to all the horrible things you experienced from your past relationship and give you a shoulder to cry on. They make decisions based on the things you tell and conclude that ex-boyfriend doesn’t deserve you. It would be a shame for them for find out you have rekindled your relationship with him.

  • You will have to explain to your family why your ex is back in the picture

Your family especially mothers also try to cheer their daughters up when they suffer a terrible breakup because mothers know best. They involve them in their daily activities to keep them busy and away from social media.

If your family was fairly close to your ex, they would be hurt too when things don’t work out for you too. They will hide their emotions, try to support your decision and probably hold a grudge against your ex.

Of course, because you are their family, you could really do no wrong. So, even if your break-up was mutual, or you were equally to blame, your family won’t see it that way.

And if your ex truly deserves a second chance, your family and friends will see this and support you. But, they might still give you a hard time at first.

  • Your ex might have new baggage

You can do your background check before you give your ex another chance. Depending on how long it’s been since the two of you have broken up, or how well you’ve kept in touch, your ex might have acquired a whole new set of baggage such as loss, depression, health issues while you were apart.

New baggage can come in many forms such as a loss, depression, a change in career *or no career at all*, family issues, physical health problems, or another relationship.

And if your ex-has been dating someone else since your last breakup, there could very well be a new ex in the picture. And it’s not easy to date your ex if they’ve just come out of a relationship with their own ex, especially if their ex is persistent to stay in your ex’s life!

  • They still aren’t willing to meet your needs and wants

What caused the breakup in the first place? Before you accept him in your life again, you must be very certain that a new man or at least ready to comprise and make things work for you this time.

Each of you should be content and happy in the relationship. Identifying and living up to your partner’s basic needs and wants is a crucial part of any healthy relationship.

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