6 signs your guy best friend wants to date you

Check out signs that he wants to more than just a friend


Women should be able to read between the lines and stop pushing them to the friend zone before someone steals him.

If you don’t want your guy friend to fall for you, stop asking him to do ‘boyfriend’ things for you and don’t do certain things for him either to give him the impression that he is more than a friend to you.

Here are signs that he likes to date you

  • He initiates hangouts often

He has a basket full of ideas just for the two of you to have time together especially during the weekend. He doesn’t mind escorting you to the saloon and actually choose a hairstyle for you. He is always inviting to places and treats you very special.

  • He always wants to help you

He tries to assist you with everything from house chores, assignment or work-related issues. He is a default person to call first when you’re in need because he has given you that assurance to count on him for anything.

  • He’s never liked your boyfriends

It’s not easy playing the second fiddle in someone’s life. He tries to play the best friend’s role perfectly by prying into your boyfriend private life to find out faults; if he is the right one for you. He never approves everything he does for you and indirectly competes with him for your attention.

  • He ditches his other friends for you

He is always at your beck and call.  He cancels an important appointment for his friends whenever you need him. If he ditches them for you, he likes you.

  • He talks about what he wants for the future and asks you the same

He is very honest and tells you about his private life. He can give you his atm card and private documents for safe keep. He often asks you about your future plans, dream wedding and the number of children you want to have. He also compares you to his future wife and how lucky he is to have met you.

  • He doesn’t talk about other girls around you

Ever since you became close friends, he rarely talks about other girls unless you bring them up. He maintains a good relationship with other girls but doesn’t spend quality time with them unless its a group meeting.

He probably hasn’t even dated anyone since you two became close friends. That means he likes you and is just biding his time before making his move.


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