This is why your ex deserves another chance

Regardless of who ended the relationship, at some point, you or your ex might want to try again.

Breakups are mostly hard on the aggrieved party. It takes you through emotions which are sometimes yet to be discovered.

They leave you thinking, wondering and imagining the “what could have been” and leave you with the permanent character of the “Ex”.

Feelings for the ex-are mostly one of three ways. The first and most common is the feeling of bitterness or extreme hate towards the person, second is the feelings of longing or sadness for the Ex and lastly and most rare, the feeling of nothingness when the breakup was “mutually agreed”.

Whichever way a relationship ends, former partners end up with the dilemma of the “second chance”. They ask should I or should I not? Here are 4 reasons why your Ex deserves a second chance.

Reason for the breakup. The first step to consider before reigniting the flame and throwing yourself back into the heat of passion would be the reason for the breakup. Ask yourself; why did we break up?

A common breakup reason is “the devil made me do it” and that could be true, the devil could have or because he/she laughs too loud, does not pay me compliments among others.

If taking a step back to analyze the relationship leaves you thinking; “well that was a dumb reason” then you know you need to go back. You give the relationship a second chance not because you could make things right but rather to prove that you could be better even after a fall.

1.Remember the good times

Every relationship has its good times, even the toxic ones. The good times are your happy place. The place where you felt at peace and loved.

Focus on the little things that made you laugh and cry at the same time, the time where everything made sense, the time where your heart skipped a beat at the mere sight of your partner and will yourself to be there again.

When the good outweigh the bad, then you give the second chance, not because they deserve it but because you believe when given the chance, love would prevail.

2. Any promising investment is worth looking at twice

Look at your relationship as an investment. Investments sometimes make negative returns in their early stages before they tend to be profitable.

Do not be the investor who quite when almost at the cash stage. If your partner is worth it, give it a second go. You only realize the value of what you have until its gone and there is no shame in making things right by going back.

When we lose our money investments we fight tooth and nail to get it back. That should be the approach for the second chance. Fight for it!

3. No human being is perfect

Often than not people expert their relationships to be perfect. Relationships are made of people and people are not perfect.

People make mistakes, sometime irreparable ones but that means they are human. If your partner recognizes the error of his/her ways and comes crawling back, you need to give them a second look.

Human beings, although imperfect, live in a delusion of perfection that often than not defines them, makes them reckless and impulsive which manifest in their actions. Partners need to see beyond this flaw and try again.

A Ghanaian elite, Mr Asare-Grey once said "The second chance could yield results of a lasting, satisfying relationships that could shape positively the future of the participants. However, we need to recognize that not everyone deserves them."


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