Wedding pictures have never been cooler.

Imagine taking wedding pictures of newlyweds atop an Alaskan glacier, imagine how unbelievably beautiful the pictures would turn out?

Here is what the photographer, Mark Gvazdinskas, had to say about the shoot in an e-mail to The Huffington Post:

"A shot list naturally comes with a traditional ceremony and reception, and that's certainly different from how we treated Alaska. Being that my focus has primarily been on landscape photography, I was able to bring in many of those compositional and creative disciplines. Mix the spectacular Denali scenery with the handsome couple and we had a combination that couldn't miss. "

For the shoot, the newlyweds took their wedding outfits to the destination, and it came out spectacular.

"The moment took over and none of us could stop smiling, Lindsay and John out of pure marital bliss and all three of us because of the unbelievably gorgeous and remote location in which we found ourselves," Mark says.

The shoot was for thirty minutes before they continued the shoot in Talkeetna, which Mark describes as the "neatest little town we've ever visited."

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