4 things every introverted bride should know

Truth is, you are bound to be the center of attraction on your big day so you ought to strap on a pair.

Calm your nerves with one fact; it’s a one-day event, better still, a few hours out of the day. That alone would put your nuptial in your element and also make it as comfortable as your brief naps in your couch. brings you 4 things every introverted bride should know.

1. Opt for a private ceremony


You don’t have to compromise your comfort if an open or grand ceremony makes you nauseous. Opt for a private ceremony with almost no one but your hubby in there.

A court wedding for one could just call for the presence of only a few loved ones to spare you the worry of queasiness.

2. Turn of the mic to recite the vow

If voicing your earnest feelings about your soon-to-be spouse like the church bells is your worst fear, then just tune the volume down or switch the mic off. No bride is obliged to proclaim to an audience of 200 people that you “promise to stay with him for better or for worse” til death do you part”. So far as the Pastor and your husband can hear you, we are good to go.


3.  Ditch epic toast

Truth is, just don’t do anything out of your comfort zone. You don’t have to address them at all if you don’t want to. You can always get another person perhaps your hubby-to-be address the crowd on your behalf. Do your nerves some good by mingling with friends and family one-on-one and thanking them individually for being there.

4.You don’t have to do the first dance with everyone watching

Who even mad that rule? If you know with all the eyes on you won’t be able to groove to the music then wait for everyone else to hit the dance floor before you two foxtrot.


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