It is incredible how the advancement of technology has made even the complex things in life very easy. This has even affected our communication with other people.

Communication has even become more effective amongst friends via our cellular devices which with the development of emoji. Today, hundreds of emoji characters have been encoded our devices and applications and have become a universal language for all.

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These emoji’s expresses a wide array of emotions which makes communication quite real as though you were having a conversation with whoever it is in person. It’s also made it easier to purvey candid opinions about matters you would ordinarily find a bit difficult to purvey across to others. brings you 5 ways to say ‘I love you’ using emoji’s.

1. Fuse your emoji with sign languages to send your message perfectly across.

2. Which better way to express the intensity of love you have for her with a kiss and a wink emoji. Its a double threat.

3. Avoid any questions about your choice of emoji with this one because it is self explanatory fellas!

4. Blow her with how creative you can be by mixing up characters with emojis to send your message across.

5. Get a bit extra with this emoji to tell her how drunk in love you are