These 3 zodiac signs prefer the single life more than anything

Astrology sheds light on the characteristics of each zodiac sign, which may provide an interesting hint about their preferences.

Some zodiac signs feel better being alone [iStock]

Not everyone thrives in a relationship, many people feel that they are simply better off alone. Sometimes it is a matter of the need to maintain independence, and in other cases it is the result of a combination of circumstances and the way life has turned out.

Astrology can shed some light on this issue by showing which zodiac signs are comfortable being single.

  • Some zodiac signs feel better living alone
  • Aquarians love freedom and individualism, which can make it difficult for them to commit to a relationship
  • Taurus people do not like to give up their comforts, which makes it difficult to create relationships
  • Scorpios are usually introverted and reluctant to establish deep emotional bonds
  • Astrology sheds light on the characteristics of each zodiac sign, which may provide an interesting hint about their preferences.

The following guidelines should be treated as a guide, not the only and undeniable truth.


Astrology indicates the characteristics of each zodiac sign, but what we do with this knowledge depends only on us.

Aquarius loves freedom above all else. He values ​​personal space, which often makes it difficult for him to fully engage in a relationship. He is a born individualist who does not like to bend his rules for anyone. When entering a relationship, he may feel excessively limited, which he has difficulty tolerating. He loves to make decisions on his own, without looking at others. A complicated personality means that Aquarius's own well-being is more important. It happens that it is much easier to find friendship than in a relationship based on love.


Taurus does not like leaving the comfort zone, nor does he like making compromises. In a relationship, getting along with the other person is the biggest problem for him. Taurus does not want to give up comfort and passion, he loves freedom and material security. He highly values ​​a comfortable life and self-care. He often gets stuck in his decisions and doesn't change his mind on principle, so it's difficult to reach an agreement with him. A relationship with such a person may require a lot of patience.


Scorpio is a difficult partner. Building a relationship with him involves many ups and downs that can be overwhelming. He expects complete subordination from the other side, which may be difficult to accept. Moreover, it is not easy to establish an emotional bond with a Scorpio because he is introverted and highly values ​​privacy. He doesn't like revealing himself to anyone or sharing information that could be used against him. He is more practical than romantic, sparing in showing emotions. He doesn't forgive lack of loyalty and doesn't give a second chance to someone who let him down once. Scorpio tends to be focused mainly on himself, which is why he is more inclined than other zodiac signs to remain single.


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