5 mistakes brides make when planning their special day

Many brides are engaging themselves for the first time in planning an important event, so mistakes are unavoidable.

For those getting ready to jump the broom and say, “I Do,” going through the motions of crafting a memorable experience can be more difficult than you can Imagine.

Many brides are engaging themselves for the first time in planning an important event, so that means a lot of different factors come into play.

From trying to handle things at the venue, to managing your budget and curtailing drama, the bride must keep her head on a swivel and remember all details up until the moment she walks down the aisle.

It’s a very challenging task, as many mistakes have been made by every bride.


Not having a budget in mind

Money is one of the most frustrating things that couples fight about. Unfortunately, sometimes when two people get engaged, the bride can only fathom receiving the best and brightest on her special day.

If you’re a soon-to-be bride and haven’t budgeted how much the wedding will be, then create a budget graph.

That way you’ll be able to keep tabs on where all the money is going from the venue to the flowers to the drinks. It’s worth it in the end and is way better than saying ‘I Do’ to debt.

Not ensuring that your guest are taken care of


The friends and family will likely be travelling in from wherever on your special day. With that in mind, they’re spending some considerable amount of money to attend your wedding, so it’s best that you, as the bride, help to make things comfortable.

Some brides make the mistake of planning everything except for the particulars that guests need to know such as transportation to and from the ceremony and reception, or ensuring the group activities are arranged.

Putting the wedding dress before the venue

Don’t be the bride who already has your dress hanging in your bedroom without even having a place to wear it.

If you haven’t spent the time in researching where you’re going to have your wedding, then you’ve wasted money to purchase a wedding gown for no reason.


Putting too much restrictions on social media activities

We all know its can be annoying to know that you won’t be the first person to take a selfie post-wedding, but don’t take that out on your guests.

Most will understand if you want people to refrain from taking pictures during the ceremony, but attempting to stop people from posting the highlights to their social media preceding and following the wedding is not cool.

Not having a plan B

Unforeseen events happen all the time when it comes to weddings. if you’re not using a wedding planner for your event, you should definitely have a backup plan handy.


It will save you the embarrassment and ridicule of having your wedding ruined and will ensure that complicated issues (like weather or technical failures) will have an alternative plan of action.

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