Avnash Industries unveils new products onto Ghanaian market

The launch saw the unveiling of the new Golden Drop made in Ghana, including its campaign that is refreshing and in support of Made in Ghana products in line with the strategy of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Speaking at the launch of Golden Drop Oil and the reintroduction of AVNASH Industries, Director Mr. Jai Mirchandani asserted the company's dedication to human interests.

Avnash launched their new look Golden Drop Vegetable Oil at the renowned Oak plaza amidst a fanfare with Ghana’s crop of the best distribution network of individuals.


Speaking at the launch of Golden Drop Oil and the reintroduction of AVNASH Industries, Director Mr. Jai Mirchandani asserted the company's dedication to human interests.

He said ‘Our belief is that the Common man has the best mindset for a hope of peace, progress and prosperity in the coming days. Our soil to kitchen strategy is what we believe is the key answer to eradicating poverty and getting out of the inherited rise of goof prices’

He further added that at ‘At Avnash, we believe that the prosperity of Citizens comes from a continued effort to build and succeed in both the Agricultural and the industrial fields. If we want to make our Motherland happy and productive then we must support solely and wholly the well-being of the masses’

The Golden Drop campaign has come out with a positive campaign encompassing a great theme to bring out the best of Ghana. The use of the Ghana flag colors and the positioning of being the Mind, Body and Soul of Ghana is much needed to propel the country to a positive mindset. ‘We believe that whatever we produce in Ghana, be it oil, soap or rice that it has the drams, hopes, aspirations, and spirit of the people. We are sharing their story through our brands’ said Mr. Mirchandani.

At the event, Avnash Industries launched their range of locally grown and branded rice under the brand name ‘Royal Famers’ plus their locally produced and marketed Soap ‘Oly’ and edible oil ‘Golden Drop’. Golden Drop is definitely going to bring more positivity to the market with the launch of all pack sizes that include sachets, consumer packs in PET and the bulk packs. Not only is Golden Drop the FIRST to launch a 3 liters and 5 liters palm vegetable oil in a premium looking pack, but it has also been able to showcase that international quality packs can be produced plus compete in Ghana.

In line with the support to the Common man and the theme of Mind, Body, Soul linked with the group’s vision of Bringing Prosperity to the Common Man, Avnash launched a fantastic project to enable the disabled persons by offering them an opportunity to earn a living by selling. They were provided with pushcarts and tricycles to enable them to move and sell. ‘This is a very honorable and noble project clearly showing the essence of the Company and its intentions to lift society. We commend and applaud them for this!’ said one of the Distributors.

Avnash Industries Ghana Limited, a leading brand in Ghana, was established in October 2001. It is part of the Avnash Group of Companies which has a diverse portfolio spanning Agribusiness. Real Estate and Construction, Energy, Tourism and Hospitality, and Environmental protection and Waste Management.

The Agribusiness arm is under Avnash Industries Ghana Limited which comprises of: Edible Oil Refinery, Rice Milling, Soaps and Personal Care manufacturing and Farming.

The Ghana Operations are managed by Mr. Jai Arjan Mirchandi, Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Sunder Sakhrani, Chief Financial Officer who are highly motivated professionals with vast experience in the related industries worldwide

Avnash Industries Ghana Limited (AIGL) is a Flagship Company promoted by Mirchandani family with over 45 years of experience in West Africa, Europe, USA and India.


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