The General Secretary of the Ghana Federation of Labour, Abraham Koomson has said that the government must be blamed for the poor remuneration of some workers in the country.

His comments come after media report suggested that some Ghanaians in the informal sector are paid as low as GHS150 to about GHS450 a month.

In an interview on Accra FM, the Deputy Minister of Employment and Labour Relations, Bright Wireko-Brobby said “this is bad and very soon the government will come after employers paying their workers below the minimum wage. I recently noticed that some people are even paid as low as GHS100 a month and that is very bad.”

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However, Mr Koomson said the government must be blamed for such happenings due to its policies and the lack of implementation of the favourable ones.

“The problem is not about the individual employer or the business owner, it is the policies of the government that must be properly shaped to deal with the bottlenecks affecting businesses in Ghana.”

“We are suffering because of bad economic policies by the government. You sit in your shop the whole day and make no sales, so, how do you pay the shop attendants and other people you employ?” he asked.

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He was of the view that the government must rather develop policies that will “grow businesses in Ghana so they can also pay their workers well.”

Meanwhile, the government has increased the daily minimum wage for workers by 10 percent.

This means that the new minimum wage is now GHC10.65 from GHC9.68.

The change will take effect on 1st January 2019.