In a week's time e- Zwich users will be able to  remit and receive funds directly from abroad on their e- Zwich cards directly.

This is as a result of a partnership between the Ghana Interbank Payment and Settle Systems and  the UnityLink Fiancial Services.

“Finally, we have a way by which transfer companies can send  money directly to now have the mechanism by which remittance companies in the diaspora can send money directed onto you e-zwich card. The recipient can go to any make, not only particular institutions as it was before."

Mr. Hesse also emphasized that the system is adequately secured.“ The system's security feature ensures that the e-Zwich card is usable by the owner only. Only the owner can withdraw the funds and nobody else"

The volume of e-Zwich transaction last year grew about 260 percent rising from GHC 625,167 in 2014 to GHC 2,251,101. The value also grew about 238 percent rising from 272,671,968.15 in 2014 to 922,897,473.19 in 2015.The Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems say the high jump recorded last year is as a result of the channeling of proceeds from the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) programme, payment of National Service personnel and the school feeding program.