Ghanaians divided as long marriage list emerges: 'Are they selling the lady?'

A long list of marriage items being demanded of a Ghanaian young man who is seeking to marry has compelled him to run to social media for advice.

Ghanaians divided as long marriage list emerges: “Are they selling the lady?

The man who chose to hide his identity for obvious reasons shared his frustration on a popular Facebook group, Tell It All, saying he suspects the list has been “inflated”.

From his post, it appears he is preparing to marry a Fante lady from the Gomoa area of the Central Region. He laments that he has performed the knocking rite already, but the lady’s family now say those earlier expenses are inconsequential.

“Please can my Fante brothers and sisters in the house help me understand this marriage list, especially those from Gomoa? I have already done the knocking but I was told that was just for me to get the list. I feel there is something wrong with this marriage list.

“Has Abosuapaynin inflated the list or the list is cool?


I don't have a problem with the items, but I have a problem with some of the amounts,” the anonymous participant wrote on Thursday, April 27, 2023.

His post which had a copy of the list attached has triggered mixed reactions among members of Tell It All, with some saying they don’t see anything wrong with the list and that if the man is unable to afford it, he should plead with the lady’s family for a reduction in the prices attached to some of the items on the list. But others think the 25-item list is too long in itself and the prices attached to each make it even worse. Some even went to the extent of asking if the lady’s family is selling her off to the man.


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