Ghanaians share experiences as man laments staff begging at Kotoka Int'l Airport

A Ghanaian man has voiced concerns over the increasing issue of staff begging for money at Kotoka International Airport (KIA), calling it an embarrassment for the country.

Ghanaians share experiences as man laments staff begging at Kotoka Int'l Airport

This has generated much conversation on social media with many sharing similar experiences.

According to the man, who spoke in a viral video on social media, this trend has been observed for some time and appears to be worsening. He recounted an encounter with a Nigerian lady who complained about being asked for money while transiting through Ghana.

Despite his initial defence of his country, he acknowledged that the problem is pervasive, with staff from the gate to the boarding area asking passengers for money.

'There is this thing that I have observed for some time now. I used to think it was a thing happening in Nigeria but it looks like increasingly, Ghana is becoming even more notorious

Last week I met a lady in Nigeria and she was complaining to me how she transited through Ghana and people were demanding money, I tried to defend us but you go see say the thing be true and you know, from gate to boarding, everybody asks for money

It's out of hand," he said, adding that even a Canadian friend had similar complaints about immigration officers demanding money.

One particular incident involved a boarding gate staff member who subtly hinted at needing money.

"She said, 'Oh, I'm done oo. I'm looking at you.' Doing stuff suggestively that you are looking for money or demanding for money. You guys are embarrassing Ghana," he lamented.

The man's call for change was echoed by several others on social media who shared their experiences:

JP Styles @styles_jp8 wrote on X and highlighted the persistence and pressure from the staff, culminating in his uncle giving in to the demands.

"One lady did the same when I was escorting my uncle. He finally got tired and gave her $100. The airport begging is top class."

Jo Ash @Joashgoodmusic also underscored the persistence of the begging, lasting until his driver could pick him up.

"It's very true. I remember when I was coming back from the UK last year, a woman there begged me for money until my driver came because I didn't have any notes on me."

𝓶𝓪𝔀𝓾𝓵𝓲 @ItzEliInit pointed out that local Ghanaians often face even more aggressive extortion

"And they do it to us Ghanaians more. They extorted me so much the last time I nearly missed my flight because I refused to pay any money."

the favourite son @rnalibe emphasised the widespread nature of the issue, expressing shame and calling for an end to the practice.

"It’s true. Everyone, from the entrance to the boarding gates. It’s so shameful. They should stop that behaviour."

The growing number of complaints highlights the need for immediate action to address and curb this embarrassing practice at Kotoka International Airport.


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