My wife and I never kissed while dating for 10 Years - Marriage counselor shares

South African relationship expert Bakhe Dlamini has shared the unusual journey of his decade-long relationship with his wife, Nokwanda.

My wife and I never kissed while dating for 10 Years - Marriage counselor

Taking to Facebook on May 20 , 2024, Dlamini disclosed that during their 10-year courtship, they abstained from kissing and any form of sexual activity, a decision rooted in mutual respect and personal values.

Dlamini, who was a virgin when he met Nokwanda, also a virgin and a social worker, explained that their love story began in high school in 2001. The couple focused on building a meaningful connection rather than indulging in physical pleasures.

"We never kissed for 10 years of our dating. We only kissed on our wedding day, 2 July 2011," Dlamini recounted. "She once asked me, curious: 'Brah, don't you kiss?' I responded, 'Oh, snap. I can. Just that I have so much respect for your body. I want us to do it at the right time when we married.'"

He described Nokwanda as having an aura of "expensiveness" and "virtue," reinforcing his resolve to wait until marriage.


Dlamini elaborated, "I've also got too much fire in my veins. The very moment my lips touch yours, we'll find ourselves going all the sex; whereas I believe in the 'no sex before marriage' principle."

When their wedding day finally arrived, Dlamini had been eagerly anticipating their first kiss, rehearsing the moment in his mind for years. He emphasized that their decision to abstain from kissing was a conscious choice, not a lack of desire or skill.

"Not kissing all those years was not because we had no kissing skills. It was a choice; especially because we knew that marriage is FOREVER, and forever is a long time. Kissing wasn't running away. We'd have too much of it after marriage, and probably get tired. Well, we still kissing after 13 years of marriage and 3 kids," Dlamini shared humorously.

He ended his post with a message of encouragement, emphasizing that true love, respect, patience, and chivalry still exist.


"I'm not here to pressurize anyone, to say, 'Be like us.' No. Do you. I'm here to say, 'True love does exist. Respect, patience, chivalry, gentlemen still exist.'

Their story, a testament to their commitment and values, has inspired many, highlighting that love can indeed transcend physical boundaries.


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