Why the first year of your university life is so important

For the first time of your life, you have so much freedom at your disposal it might leave you in the deceitful contagion


However, amidst the excitement to embrace university life, there is a sour mixture of anxiety and uncertainty that instills a fear in them.

You’re not alone if you find yourself at that stage of your life; completely clueless and wanting. Most normal people are not spared this uneasiness.

It’s probably one of those trivial highlights that builds up expectations.  No matter where you’re from, irrespective of your maturity, upbringing or social outlook, the University is going to be a new experience, one that would definitely change you, and hopefully positively.

If this new stage of your life is that significant, then your first approach to it, would also be invaluable to your educational success.  Don’t listen to people who tell you that your first year in university doesn’t really matter because you have more years to fix whatever damage you cause.

This is not true! Of course, you’re permitted to make mistakes that would shape the outline of your college years but you can’t afford to mess up.

For the first time of your life, you have so much freedom at your disposal it might leave you in the deceitful contagion of “I can do whatever I want”.

Independence from your parents is only beneficial to you, if you resolve to dedicatedly making decisions that would positively affect your life acknowledging that everything would be how you make it.

Freshman year is a test of how you can best utilize the freedom of uninterrupted moments from the stinging influence of parents. Don’t underestimate your potential to completely waste your time. Time flies absurdly in the University, especially weekends and how well you plan your days out would make all the difference between you and the average student.

Confidence is a commodity you need to purchase now if you currently don’t have one in your pocket. It’s not unusual to see the majority of freshmen quiver at every attempt to ask a simple question or broach a conversation. You should jettison your shy skin and put on a bold smile that simmers down every attempt at intimidation.

Part of the confidence for some young people is imbibed in their style and choice of clothes. Nonetheless, don’t be swayed away by this new wind of stylish assertiveness that are leading the youth to defend their nakedness. Be yourself. Yes, change for the better but most importantly don’t lose the facets that sets you apart from everyone.

This is a new book, a new page, the dawn of everything new. You don’t have to be defined by the ills of your high school life. You can decide to make a conscious decision to be better. Be a better student. It is all too well known that valedictorians of top universities were not the best students the schools admitted. Everything is possible. Be positive!

Don’t be all-together bookish. Your experience should holistically poise you for the real world. If you haven’t noticed, in the real-world people aren’t always in the library studying to get an A.

Don’t be too consumed in the exasperation to please your academic ego that you miss out of life. Join a club, a group, a union, be part of a study group. You can miss out of the tiny blessings of miniature hangouts in a big community. Don’t do yourself that harm.

You need to form real connections with people and you don’t get to smile your way out of it with over 20, 000 people. Be friends with people in the unnoticeable crevices of dormitories and group meetings. That’s how to build a network.

In the consummation of the unending activities of college, don’t lose yourself. Find yourself. With every new experience, endeavor to learn something new. Don’t let your ‘newbieness’ steal your shine. You’re just about offloading the last bits of your teenage so you still have a lot to learn. Take this opportunity given you to explore.

The road is definitely going to be bumpy with failed expectations and wonderful adventures. Relent to be the best you can be.

Welcome to the University.


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