The Ghana Nurse-Midwife Trainees Association (GNMTA) has called as "erroneous" a statement by the Finance Ministry saying government has given

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The statement by Finance Ministry said the effective date of appointing the health professionals should not be earlier than 1 April 2018, and also directed that the emoluments of the personnel should be charged against the Compensation of Employees vote of the Ministry of Health in the 2018 Annual Estimates.

However, the trainee nurses say the financial clearance is to pay allowances of nurses who completed school in 2017 and are doing their mandatory national service.

“The general public and the media are to note that, the released financial clearance is to effect payment of national service allowance for nurses who completed school in August 2017 and commenced their mandatory national service/rotation on 1st April, 2018,” GNMTA’s statement said on Friday.

"This does not affect the nurses who are due for permanent employment,” the said, adding: “The leadership want to inform our members and the general public that, the enigma of unemployed nurses and midwives still holds."

“Therefore the information circulating that unemployed nurses have been cleared financially is absolutely erroneous, hence must be disregarded.”

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In recent months, the unemployed nurses across the country have been picketing the Health Ministry over government's failure to provide them with jobs.