Investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas has revealed he has met with Ghanas first special prosecutor

Mr Amidu assumed office last month after securing parliamentary endorsement after his nomination for the job by President Nana Akufo-Addo.

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Speaking to Qatari-based Aljazeera in a yet to be aired interview, Anas, known for his undercover works, said despite his differences with Mr Amidu, he will work with him to "ensure that the bad guys go to jail."

The former Attorney-General has not always been on the same page with Anas, having once criticized the undercover journalist.

Back in 2015, Mr. Amidu called into question the integrity of Anas, suggesting the investigative journalist picks and chooses which exposés to bring to the public.

"You have Uncle Martin sitting on that seat and I am collaborating with him, then there is really going to be heat on those corrupt officials in Ghana,” Anas said.

“I mean we have spoken, We have looked at our differences, we have looked at our books and I can only assure the sceptics- those corrupt people in Ghana- that if it is about the two of us, we will definitely get together to ensure that the bad guys go to jail.”

He added that: “When he [Martin Amidu] was being vetted you would hear what he said about me. The good thing about the two of us is that we all fight against corruption.

"We basically do the same thing. And we have sat down and looked at our books and I should warn people in Ghana, the corrupt officials…."

During his vetting in parliament, Mr Amidu expressed his readiness to work with Anas to fight corruption.

According to him, the Office of the Special Prosecutor will be open to all who want to help in the fight against corruption.

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“I’m prepared to work with anyone who will help us achieve the objective of the Office.

“You need to fight crime with those who want to fight crime and are genuine about it, you can’t do it alone,” he stated.

He added: “[But] we are going to work strictly according to prosecutorial practices as recognised under the law. We are respecters of the law and we’ll try to act to ensure legality.”