This was revealed by Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery, during the one-week observation of the passing of the police officer who was shot dead in last Sunday’s attack on the Kwabenya Police Station.

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According to him, the welfare package is meant to ensure that families of Police officers who die in line of duty are not left to their fates.

“As the IGP said, some provisions have been made for the family of the deceased officer. That provision is not a provision that existed in the past. It is a special provision that was initiated by the President and at the appropriate time the details will be known to the family,” he disclosed.

“But Mr. President is committed to institutionalizing a system that will ensure that when a police officer dies in the line of duty, they are not worse off than their colleagues who die in the army.”

Last Sunday, Inspector Emmanuel Ashilevi was murdered when a group of armed men stormed the Kwabenya Police Headquarters to free seven other suspects who were being held in cells.

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The Police has since arrested 12 of the suspects involved in the jailbreak, including the man who reportedly shot and killed Inspector Ashilevi.

Mr. Dery offered words of condolence to the family of the slain Police officer, whiles also assuring that his killers will be brought to justice.

“I believe those who followed have realized that a number of suspects have been arrested. They shall be brought to justice and no one should think that they can take the law into their hands,” he asserted.