Some angry residents of Ohwimase have angrily attacked the Suame Police Station in the Ashanti region after a resident was shot dead Thursday morning.

The resident got irritated after one member of the community was shot dead by a policeman with the Operation Calm Life team attached to the Suame station.

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They claim that the youngman who was on a motorbike was killed after he failed to stop when he was ordered by the Police officer to do so.

The police were on a swoop in some high crime areas in an area called Tafo 4 corners.

Kumasi-based Abusua FM said that the residents are demanding the body of the deceased and an explanation from the police.

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The residents accused the police in the area of firing shots needlessly since the deceased did nothing wrong to cause them to pull the trigger.

The presence of a joint military and police team at the police station, however, prevented the residents from vandalising any property or attacking the officers on duty.