A class six pupil, who is 7 months pregnant as a result of an alleged defilement by labourer at Kasoa in the Central Region has recounted her ordeal with the suspect.

The 14-year-old whose name has been withheld said the 22-year-old labourer had earlier told her he was interested in her.

She said on Accra-based Class FM that, she told the suspect she was not interested since she was still a teenager.

“I was passing and he (suspect) called me and told me I am a nice girl and that he likes me. I told him I am a student and cannot have anything to do with a man.”

The suspect Foster Akrofi then sent him and defiled her on her return.

“When I returned, nobody was around, he was alone. He told me whether he should force me to do it or I want it slowly, and I told him that I’ve never done it before and I’ve heard that when they do that forcefully, it’s painful, and, so, I told him to do whatever he wanted to do, so I can go home; and he did whatever he wanted and I left to go home in blood.”

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The mother of the suspect said that Foster Akrofi lives in Nsawam but travelled to Kasoa temporarily due to a construction contract he got there as a labourer for some weeks.

The victim did not inform her parents about the incident because the suspect threatened to harm her if she did.

A few weeks after the incident, the victim became weak, pale and very sick. A friend of her mother’s suspected pregnancy. A test on 15 January 2018 proved positive.

She then narrated the incident to her mother.

The victim said she has never visited the hospital for ante-natal care because there is no money to even keep her fed.

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Meanwhile, Mother of the victim, Mary Odoom, who is a Fante kenkey seller, said the suspect promised to take care of her daughter when she confronted him.

“The man admitted that she got my daughter pregnant and promised to take care of her and the unborn child. I followed him to Nsawam where he introduced a woman to me as his mother. The woman told me his son is married with two children. This infuriated me and I left in anger without informing the woman about my daughter’s pregnancy.”

The father of the victim later reported the matter to the Kasoa police station on 24 January 2018 but they did not have any money to go to the hospital for examination and a medical report.

The victim’s mother added that the suspect “heard about the report we made to the police from individuals in the community and he absconded.”