President Nana AKufo-Addo has endorsed the arrest of Corporal Frederick Amanor, aka Skalla, who

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On Friday, the IGP ordered for his arrest after watching the distressing video, according to the police public relation unit. In addition, the police said staff of the financial institution are under investigation.

"Police men are meant to protect citizens, not to assault citizens," the president tweeted on Saturday.

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"The measures that the IGP (Inspector General of Police) has taken to sanction the erring police man, and to make sure these things don't happen again have my complete support," he said.

President Akufo-Addo said he supports "100% the measures he (IGP) has taken, so that we can stop these incidents from proliferting."

--Family apology--

The family Skalla issued a public on Saturday, calling on Ghanaians, the president, the IGP and the victim to forgive their "son."

The family admitted thethe conduct of Corporal Amanor was barbaric, inhumane and antithesis to the professional training in the police.

We have known Skalla as an amiable person, very caring and considerate and his conduct as captured on the tape is very unusual of him, the statement said.

"That notwithstanding, we are pleading with the good people of Ghana to find that forgiving heart deep down within to forgive our son," the family said.

In a passionate appeal, the family said no amount of money, words or expressions can restore the violations Ms Patience Osafo suffered.

"However, human as we are, offending one another is inevitable," the statement said. "We are therefore pleading with Ghanaians to join us to apologize to Ms Osafo Patience for the savage beatings she suffered at the hands of our son."We are deeply sorry and pray that the Good Lord heals n consoles her. We are passionately pleading with Ghanaians to remember our son in their prayers for the good Lord to reform his twisted mind and steer him on a decent n humane path."We are grateful that notwithstanding the sad images this video lives in your memory, you will not dwell on the negative but help us to pray to reform such characters in the service."

A leaked video on social media on Friday captured Skalla mercilessly assaulting Patience Osafo at the banking hall of Midland Savings and Loans branch in Accra.

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The helpless woman had gone to the bank to withdraw her savings but she was told banking hours had closed.

She insisted on withdrawing her money after failed previous attempts.

The police officer was then called in to escort her out but the woman remained defiant, causing the police man to assault her.