She came from the Northern Volta to Accra to visit her friends who she did not know were prostitutes.

17-year-old Obaa Yaa followed her friends after they asked her to come along with them for their prostitution business.

“I started this sex business at the age of 16 years when I came to Accra to visit my close pals. They asked me if I will come along with them to where they were going to and I didn’t object to that,” she told GHOne TV.

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After her first night, she made some money which caused her to look at the lucrative side of the profession. She was unable to quit.

Obaa Yaa who plies her sex trade around Old Fadama and Circle near the Railway line in Accra said she became a prostitute at age 16 because she was unable to cope with the family pressure when she was forced to get a job.

She needed to take care of herself and also remit her mother as well.

She added that when business is booming, she makes GHc200.00 for the night.

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She said even though the sex was sometimes painful she needs to do it to survive.

“I sometimes feel the pain when I’m having sex with the over 10 men but there is nothing I can do about the pain, I just have to endure it because I need to make money for myself. I sometimes buy stuff with the money I earn from my night sex business and remit my mother as well.”

“My mother didn’t know I’m a commercial sex worker. My mum got to know about my work through my uncles because of that she threatened to kill me if I come to the village. I’ve been advised to stop this sex business because I’m too young but because I need money, I can’t put a stop to it.”

When asked if she is prepared to end her illegal sex business, she replied, “Yes I want to put a stop to this trade but I’ve no helper.”