reported her as saying she decided to go with the popular journalist due to the instrumental role he played in her presidential bid.

“Adakabre was the one who made me popular in Ghana when I decided to run for president so I have chosen him as my running mate,” she is quoted as having said.

Akua Donkor added that she chose a journalist due to her love for the media fraternity.

“I want to change the lives of journalists in this country that is why I have chosen one of their own. I know they will vote for me in the December elections,” she noted.

Although Adakabre has not publicly indicated his willingness to partner her in the upcoming elections, madam Donkor claimed when she told him about her decision, he only laughed about it indicating that he had accepted it.

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“Whether he [Adakabre] likes it or not, he will be my running mate for the elections,” she stressed.

She had hinted a few weeks back that her running mate would most likely be a media personality.

All fingers remain crossed to hear from Adakabre as to whether or not he has accepted to be Akua Donkor’s running mate in the General elections come December.