According to the NPP man, Nana Owusu, who claims to be a registered member of the party, he said he played a pivotal role in the NPP electioneering campaign, after fighting hard for the party in 2008, but he has been neglected by the same people he helped to win power in 2016.

He alleged that a member of the NPP he named as 'Coach' contracted him to mobilise young men to be used as observers and bodyguards for then flagbearer of the NPP, Nana Addo, in 2008 and claims he lost over 1 billion cedis.

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He said the party promised him a house, and provide him money but failed to fulfill their promise.

He said he used his resources to pay the macho men he mobilised, a situation that collapsed his business.

In an interview on Accra-based Rainbow Radio, Nana Owusu said he is now bankrupt.

"But I have been neglected after the party won the 2016 elections... I lost all my capital, I became helpless, and yet the party [NPP] failed to help me.

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"I wrote to the party, and they promised to refund my money after winning power. However, after winning power, they have neglected me."