Richard Nyamah, a spokesperson of

Mr. Blay is contesting to be elected as the substantive National Chairman of the NPP and, as part of his campaign promises, intends to purchase mini buses for all of the party’s constituencies.

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In fact, he has already taken delivery of the first batch of 100 mini buses after they arrived at the Port on Wednesday.

He is also reported to have made a down payment of 3 million dollars, which constitutes 30% of the total cost of 11.4 million dollars for the 275 cars.

However, Stephen Ntim, also a contender for the NPP National Chairmanship position, has accused Mr. Blay of vote-buying with his decision to purchase mini buses for all constituencies.

According to him, “you don’t wait till a situation arises where you need favour from the people before you say I’m giving you a bus. If you do that, it amounts to vote-buying”.

Responding to these allegations, Mr. Nyamah said the decision to purchase the buses was “agreed and okayed” by the NPP hierarchy before it was pushed through.

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“The party has gotten involved. The General Secretary [John Boadu], for instance, witnessed. Some constituency executives, three or four of them, joined as trustees. Mr. Freddie Blay is the guarantor,”  Mr. Nyamah told Accra-based Citi FM.

He explained that thedeal to finance the purchase of the buses was signed with Universal Merchant Bank (UMB), adding that “Mr. Blay is the head of the party. If he brings an idea and it benefits the NPP, I don’t think you can divorce the two.”

He added: “At no point did me or Mr. Blay or any member of this team say we are giving the buses to the constituencies. From the onset, we have been very clear in our mind… that the buses are going to be in the care of the state Transport Company Limited.”

“They are going to take custody of it, run them professionally, and monthly pay the banks off and send the rest to the constituencies.”