President John Mahama has said his administration is committed to the ideals of social democracy in its pursuit to generate wealth and prosperity for all.

President Mahama, who is seeking a second term in office, said this at a conference of social democrats and socialist political parties under the umbrella of the Socialist International.

He said: "We shall remain committed to implementing social democratic policies and programmes arising from this meeting in our continuous pursuit of building a strong resilient and sustainable economy that generate wealth and prosperity.

"We have over the years through our policies and programme engender a working relationship with our people to create opportunity that create equity and opportunity for all."

The president said his administration has also pursued an agenda of transformation which entails a move away from reliance on primary commodity export toward diversification and value addition.

According to him, the NDC's agenda is to put people first, "building infrastructure and pursuing sustainable [development] and expanding infrastructure for sustainable development.

--Victory for Mahama--

The Socialist International has endorsed president Mahama by declaring a landslide victory for him.

The organization says the "expanded infrastructure development and provision of social services by the government" is living proof of Mahama's chance of a landslide victory.