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We know that career you've dreaming of for years. This quiz will predict your mind. Just try it...

If you had GHc100,000 to spend, which of these would you do first?

Buy a car
Buy a plot of land
Further my education

What will you do if your partner farts during a date?

I’ll smash that idiot
I’ll laugh and let it go
I’ll leave immediately

Which of these subjects did you never miss while in school?

Social Studies

If you could add an extra feature to human beings, what would it be?

I’ll make humans able to fly
I’ll make humans have the ability to disappear
I’ll make humans live forever

What is the most annoying among these three?

Heavy traffic
Slow internet
A nagging boyfriend/girlfriend

If you had no choice, which of these bad traits would you prefer?

Bad mouth odour
Smelly armpit
Stinky feet

Which of these are you?

The guy who always answered questions in class
The one who has the best handwriting
The guy who is never late for class
Your score: Driver’s mate
Charley, forgive us but you will really do well as a bus conductor (mate). Cheers lol
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Your score: Fufu pounder
It has swerved you erh? What at all are you waiting for? Come on, use your muscle for something good.
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Your score: Gob3 seller
You come across as someone who loves beans. Errrrm why not venture into selling gob3?
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