Gary and four other staff of Multimedia Group Limited were admitted at the University of Ghana Hospital after testing positive for Coronavirus.

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The latest development is that they have been discharged after recovering.

After disclosing his Covid-19 status on his Facebook timeline on Thursday, June 18, Gary Al-Smith gave regular post dubbed, #CovidDairy to inform his audience about his journey through the dreadful disease.

He explained that it was part of efforts to fight stigma towards people who contract the virus.

On Joy News’ AM Show Wednesday, the Sports Journalist said he was able to go through the Covid journey because of the mammoth support he had from his family, friends and well-wishers.

He said that there are people in the isolation Centre who have recovered yet they are afraid of leaving because of the stigma attached to the disease.

“So imagine those who have come to isolation facilities at this time when Covid is the most dreadful disease and everybody is looking and talking about you and they can’t have any kind of support.

“They can’t pick up a phone and call anybody, they cannot describe anything that has happened to them it is a really difficult time for these people.”