Essien, like many other football fans and lovers around the world posted their tributes for Agogo who passed on Thursday, August 22, 2019 in London on social media.

He shared a photo of Agogo on his Instagram page to mourn his former teammate.

But some Ghanaians who commented on the Instagram post described Essien as a “hypocrite”.

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They said he was not there for Agogo when he was sick but is quick to pay tribute.

"When Junior Agogo was sick no one even spoke about him or how he is doing, He died today and he is on your status. How many times did the media even posted his well being and how the world should support. #CRAZY_WORLD... They Will Wait Till You Die So They Can Post You Everywhere For The World To See.... When You Died That's When You Become Their Hero... #nanxix😏"

Others also asked whether Essien visited Agogo when he was down with stroke.

He was 40.

"Masa shunned your self 👺u abandoned him during his difficult tyms and now u are claiming supremacy... I'm very disappointed in you he claims u guys were best friends."

He has been battling stroke since 2015.

"Such a disgrace when he was alive you never made any effort with him ,he made it clear on his bbc interview that most of his team mate didn’t wanna know him because he was ill,now u wanna put a post out there like u were forced to do it ."

The former Zamalek player played for the Black Stars during the 2008 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) on home soil.

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Manuel "Junior" Agogo (1 August 1979 – 22 August 2019) was a Ghanaian former professional footballer who played as a striker.

He was born in Ghana but spent most of his childhood in the UK. He then moved back to Ghana during his years in secondary school. He began his youth career at Sheffield Wednesday in 1995, moving up to the senior squad in 1997.

He played for fifteen different clubs over the next fifteen years, before retiring from professional football in 2012. He spent most of his playing career in England, with additional spells in the USA, Egypt, Cyprus and Scotland.