J.Y Appiah’s decision to sue Alhaji Grunsah emanates from a recent interview in which the latter accused the former of corruption.

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In an interview with Asempa FM a fortnight ago, Grunsah descended on J.Y. Appiah, describing him as corrupt and a ‘foolish’ man.

JY Appiah
JY Appiah

“J.Y Appiah is a foolish man, ask him why he was sacked from Cocoa-board,” Alhaji Grunsah fumed.

“The association’s mismanagement started at the time when J. Y. Appiah was in office as GHALCA chairman,” he added.

“He teamed up with some members of the association who always sought to do things in their interest and not the association as a body.

“This chairman and his ‘team’ kicked against some decisions that were taken then to help the improvement of the association,” he added.

Grunsah’s comment came a few days after J.Y.Appiah and former GFA Boss Awuah Nyamekye had supervised a meeting of all congressmen at the Ebenezer Church Hall at Osu in Accra to discuss the draft statutes of the Ghana FA Normalization Committee.

The former chairman of GHALCA who wants to safeguard his reputation has dragged Alhaji Grunsah to court for tainting his image.

The owner of the Kumasi based King Faisal Alhaji Grunsah was served with the suit at the Ghana Physician and Surgeon Council in Accra during the Ghana Football Association Extra-Ordinary Congress on Thursday.

Appiah told the court that Grunsah’s ‘false claims have damaged his reputation to his family and business associates’ and he is seeking ?2.5m in compensation, public apology and retraction.