Gambian actress explains why she broke up with Michael Essien

Princess Shyngle has revealed she had an affair with the former Ghana international

Shyngle and Essien were spotted kissing at a popular gathering and that sparked rumours that the duo was romantically involved.

Princess Shyngle who was a guest on Popular TV programme called the Delay Show confirmed he and Michael Essien were courting, but she left the latter after realizing the was married.

“I didn’t know Essien was married and I didn’t bother to ask him. Moreover, I am someone who doesn’t like googling about people, because of such information might be wrong.

“I later found out that Michael Essien was married, so I broke up with him. Although, we loved each other,” he told GH One TV.

It is not yet known exactly when this relationship happened but Michael Essien is known to be married to Akosua Puni.

It will be recalled that Shyngle recently claimed that 99.9% of her former partners could not satisfy her in bed and hence her reliance on a dildo within the past year.

Born on December 25, 1990, in the Gambia, Princess Shyngle has found a home as an actress in Ghana, where she claims one of her paternal grandparents came from.

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